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In 1982, Pete Townshend released his third solo album entitled "All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes" on the heals of his recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Many of the songs are reflections and insights into both addiction and recovery. The Greeting Committee will be playing this album in its entirety.


Every Bit Helps


2934 1/2 N Beverly Glen Cir #133 Los Angeles, CA 90077



The Greeting Committee has reunited after 30 year hiatus. Inspired by the Pete Townshend song "The Sea Refuses No River" the "Refuse No River" concert on Cape Cod kicks off our journey to help raise awareness and support for those in addiction recovery. We are reaching out for help to offset some of the expenses incurred in the staging of this performance. 


We are grateful for all donations. This will earn you a huge thank you in the evenings program!